Joint supervision

The rules of international joint supervision are governed by the following decrees:

Arrêté du 18 janvier 1994 relating to the creation of a joint thesis supervision procedure between French and foreign higher education establishments

– Arrêté du 6 janvier 2005 relating to the international joint supervision of thesis

Rules of the SPIM Doctoral School concerning joint supervision

In addition to the procedures established within each thesis within each institution of enrollment, there are certain rules to be considered within the SPIM Doctoral School as decided by the board of the Doctoral School.

Prior to the signature of the agreement by the director of the DS and the president of UBFC:

  • The director of the research unit must issue an opinion on the relevance of the joint supervision. This notice should be attached to the agreement which must be submitted to the director for approval and signature.
  • The hosting capacity of the foreign laboratory must be demonstrated in the arguments accompanying the presentation of the thesis subject.
  • Funding rules, decided by the SPIM DS board, need to be respected and must clearly appear in the agreement. This funding is required for the 3 years of thesis and for all places of stay with an amount adapted to the partner country. Since 2019-2020, a minimum amount of 1200 euros per month is required for stays in France.
  • The candidate’s academic file should be provided at the same time as the joint supervision (CV + statement of diploma + the student’s academic records allowing access to the doctorate + if possible rank of the candidate)

During the thesis:

  • The periods spent in France must be fully followed, as well as the payment of the allowances provided. At the time of the doctoral student’s annual re-enrollment, a summary will be provided to support the file:
    • dates of presence in France as well as the funding granted,
    • the planning of stays for the following year and an orderly state of the exchanges.
  • Contacts with foreign managers must be permanent (participation in videoconference in the monitoring carried out during the second year is desired).

If there are changes in dates, an amendment to the thesis joint supervision agreement must be drawn up.