Who are we?

The Doctoral School of engineering sciences and microtechnics (ED SPIM, ED37) comes under the doctoral college of the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté (COMUE UBFC), a public establishment ceated by decree of April 1, 2015. The University Community of Establishment (COMUE) brings together seven higher education and research establishments.

Its potential for doctoral supervision amounts to more than 260 researchers or teachers/researchers authorized to supervise research (HDR) distributed in the contractual research units of the establishments. Nearly 450 doctoral students work there spread over the normal 3 years of the training cycle. They are spread over 9 towns in Burgundy Franche-Comté: Besançon, Belfort, Dijon, Montbéliard, Nevers, Sévenans, Le Creusot, Auxerre and Chalon-sur-Saône. It awards an average of 110 doctoral degrees per year.

Its objective is to offer its doctoral students quality training in research and through research and to help them prepare for their professional future. Relying on the activities of 8 research units (FEMTO-STImViaICBLIBDRIVECIADNanomedecine Imagery Therapeutics, Elliad) the SPIM Doctoral School offers a particularly rich and favourable framework for research. The doctoral school concentrates research in the fields of optics and electronics, mechanics and energetic systems, materials, automation and computer science. Particular emphasis is placed on the internationally recognised cutting-edge sectors of microtechnology: advanced materials, intelligent structures and waves.

It also benefits from the scientific resources and networks of 4 establishments (Université de Franche-ComtéUniversité de Bourgogne and Université Technologique de Belfort-MontbéliardENSMM) to which it is attached, which allows it to ensure the supervision of the doctorate in the best conditions.

Key figures :

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