Individual Training Plan


All PhD students enrolled in the SPIM doctoral school must follow a 100-hour training course during their three years of thesis :

  • 40 hours minimum in Sciences
  • 20 hours minimum in Tools
  • 20 hours minimum in General Training

This training volume may be reduced in special cases such as: CIFRE, joint supervision, etc., but this must be asked in a written request to the doctoral school, justified and clearly indicated in the individual training project. A prolonged absence from the institution may justify a proportionally smaller number of hours of training at the UBFC. However, we encourage PhD students who are away from the UBFC training locations to consider solutions offered by their company in the case of a CIFRE or at their place of work.

It is possible to follow MOOC online modules. The number of online modules is limited to 3.

Theses whose funding includes a specific training scheme, such as ICE (Initiative Chercheur Entrepreneur) funding from the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Region, will provide a PIF in accordance with the requirements governing their thesis.

Be careful: it is mandatory to follow a minimum 9 hours volume on research ethics and scientific integrity and a 3 hours training on Open Science.

The PhD student must choose a set of training modules according to his/her professional project (integration project at the end of his/her thesis). The doctoral school proposes a list of training modules based on the institutions and on the doctoral mission of the UBFC. The UBFC doctoral college manages most of the modules of the cross-disciplinary training program. The SPIM Doctoral School manages most of the training related to its specialities.

All training courses that are not on the UBFC training lists must be validated beforehand by the DS in order to be included in the accounts, by filling in the form below.

A certificate of attendance will be requested for the validation of off-list training courses.

Une attestation de présence vous sera demandée pour la validation des formations hors catalogue.

Contenu de la formation

The doctoral training to be followed is divided into three parts:

– Transversal training including languages, job training, scientific culture, organizational activities, entrepreneurship, research ethics.

– Scientific and technical tools offering specific training that could constitute a directly exploitable support for the thesis work: theoretical, technological and communication training, calculation tools.

– Science training, including all the state of the art training in the field of thesis. These scientific trainings also constitute a scientific opening for the PhD student (ED courses, courses given during congress tutorials of high level seminars, summer schools).

The PhD student, in order to acquire the skills necessary for his professional project, must follow a panel of training courses balanced between the 3 sections above.

It is requested to follow approximately 40 hours in science, 30 hours in scientific and technical tools and 30 hours in cross-disciplinary training.

PIF (Individual training plan)

At the beginning of each thesis year, the PhD student fills in the individual training plan form in coordination with his/her thesis supervisor : “Fiche du plan individuel de formation” (Excel file below). This form is necessary for the registration / re-registration of the PhD student. The chosen content can thus be revised each year according to the evolution of the PhD student’s professional project, but the three years must be considered. To register for training courses you must follow the instructions specific to each type of training, the PIF does not allow you to register.

Registration for UBFC training courses is conducted via the ADUM platform.

  • General and transversal trainings catalogue, proposed by the Doctoral College is available on the UBFC Doctoral College website :


  • SPIM doctoral school Specific trainings in Technic and Scientific tools section are available here :